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Liquidated stock buyers – All goods and products considered


Liquidated stock or stock liquidation is a standard part of the retail game and if handled correctly could prove extremely beneficial to your business if you can find the right liquidated stock buyers for your business and this is where Self Global plays its part.

We have dealt with hundreds of companies who rely on us in their time of need to help with their stock liquidation services, could Self Global be the right contacts for your business?

Self Global are market leaders in all matters related to stock liquidation and can provide an easy, care free solution to your businesses requirements, no matter what scale of liquidation you are expecting. If you call us you’ll be dealing with sympathetic and knowledgeable members of staff who will provide the best solution to your stock liquidation requirements. We are able to offer you a great price on your stock and resolve all collection and delivery requirements so you don’t have to.

Although we don’t like to see brand names going bust, we know this can happen in this current economical climate. We have a great interest in brand name products and welcome any questions you may have regarding your stock liquidation. If you are selling branded name merchandise or non branded merchandise this won’t stop us making you an offer on your unwanted stock.

We take an interest in all kinds of liquidated stock and will make an offer on all quantities of stock unlike our competitors who are only interested in large job lots and bulk purchases, all we require from you is a few pictures of your items or product samples sent to us at:

Self Global

10a Silver Business Park

Airfield Way


BH23 3TA

After this, if we really like what you are offering we may send a Self Global representative out to your location to view the stock in person to give you complete peace of mind that our offer is genuine and we are seriously considering taking things forward.

When you’re ready to liquidate any stock you can get started simply by calling us or contacting us through our website. If you find any of our rough initial quotes acceptable we’ll then we could organise a completed sale within the next 48 hours.

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