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Job Lot Clearance, We are buyers of job lots of all sizes


Reducing your stock of unwanted job lots can be frustrating especially in this economic climate. Job lots are often much harder to sell because they contain products in far fewer quantities than larger lots of thousands of individual units.

Because of this many liquidation and job lot clearance companies will not make offers on smaller job lots unlike Self Global. If you are considering selling your unwanted job lots we will make an offer to buy small or large job lots of any and all items that you are looking to sell.

We are interests in products for local or international brands, we have the ability to source buyers for your unwanted job lots which is why we are happy to make an offer on anything that comes our way. Because we sell to thousands of different parties we will have no trouble making an offer on your clearance job lots.

We take a special interest in liquidation job lots that you are struggling to find a buyer for, all that we ask is that you allow us to see a selection of your stock by either sending us a few pictures or by sending us product samples to our offices:

Self Global

10a Silver Business Park

Airfield Way


BH23 3TA

We will offer you a rough quote from initial images but should we take a liking to your unwanted job lots then we will send a representative out to your location for a first hand appraisal of your items and to give you complete peace of mind that we are serious about making you an offer.

Many of our competitors will avoid making offers on certain items such as electrical equipment and perishable items, which we welcome! We will make an offer on any and all unwanted job lots that are available for sale.

Our dedicated valuation team are at hand to make you a quick and easy offer on your unwanted job lots and clearance items. Get in touch with us today for a no hassle, no obligation estimate on your items and let us help you get right of your unwanted stock and end of lines.

Job lot clearance companies

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Job lot clearance companies

Searching for Job lot clearance companies?   Finding a buyer for your excess job lots or clearance stock can be really difficult. Especially when you are in desperate need of someone who can simply collect your unwanted job lots. To clear the space in your stock room or warehouse and offer you a great price on the items you are trying to get rid of. Your best bet in this situation is to find a reliable and professional job lot clearance company.┬áLike Self Global to take care of all of the issues surrounding your excess stock situation. Self Global are the market leaders in clearance stock solutions. And Self Global have been praised as one of the best job lot clearance companies in the Europe. Self Global has been dealing with stock clearance and trading both within the UK and abroad for over a quarter of a century. Self Global boast a team of experienced industry professionals who are at hand to handle all of your job lot clearance queries. Selling job lots can be a great way to earn some extra cash from home. If you can purchase a job lot for a good price and then sell the products on for a profit. The problem with buying large job lots is that it can sometimes be harder than you think to sell your job lots on. Especially if you only have a few select items remaining and the demand for these products aren’t as high as you had expected. Self Global will make an offer on all products you want to clear unlike some of our competitors. Competitors who are only interested in certain types of products. We are also interested in both small and large quantities of job lots as well as mixed job lots. We are interested in all types of clearance stock and unwanted merchandise so why not give Self Global a call today to see what price we can offer for your clearance job...

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