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Does your company often get left with large amounts of excess stock? Excess stock can be extremely hard to shift especially when you are only left with a few items of each line and even reduced prices don’t seem to be shifting them of the shelves.

Self Global are market leaders and internationally known buyers of excess stock who have the ability to offer you a great price on all of your excess stock lying around. We don’t mind small amounts of excess stock or large containers and pallets of excess stock. We even get excited over mixed job lots! Simply call us or send us an email to let us know what you have and what you want to clear and we’ll make you an offer on your excess stock.

We are not differed by unpopular, damaged or unwanted goods. As long as you need it cleared from your warehouse or stock room we here at Self Global will be interested in it. Our professional and dedicated staff are at hand to make you an attractive offer on any and all unwanted or clearance stock that you may have lying around taking up unwanted space or causing issues for your product turnover.

All we need from you to make you a great offer on your excess stock is to send us a few images of your goods via e-mail so we can better see exactly what it is we are going to be making an offer on. If we are really interested in your excess stock then we may send a representative out to your location to view the stock first hand and to confirm our sincere interest in buying the stock from you.

Self Global aim to make selling your excess stock as quick and easy as possible by arranging prompt payments of your products once we have agreed upon a price and arranging collection of your goods as soon as possible. Our turnover times are second to none!

We are interested in all stock located within the mainland UK territories or abroad. We have the ability to arrange international delivery of excess stock as well as organising packaging and re-location of harder to sell larger industrial or mechanical items.

Condition of the excess stock will affect the price we are going to offer and of course the quantity in which you are selling, we will give a better price on large quantities of stock as these are far easier for us to deal with at our end. So if you are looking to sell any excess or unwanted stock then get in touch with Self Global today!

Mens Leather Shoes Clearance stock

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Surplus stock of Mens Leather Shoes available direct from UK Wholesaler Within this consignment you will find an array of shoes and boots, in all sizes. These shoes offer exceptional comfort, made of a fine choice of quality  leather with a high engineered design. The shoes and boots are made of  leather. RRP : £25-£60 Asking Price: £5.50/Per pair Call 0758 443 4783 email: interstock@europe.com Contact form: www.selfglobal.com/contact-us/...

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Clearance UK Mens Shoes

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Clearance UK stock Mens formal & Casual shoes Bulk buyers only Our shoes are sold at wholesale prices and in large quantities only. We welcome buyers to visit the facilities and inspect goods prior to sale. Call 0758 443 4783 email:...

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Selling excess stock to clearance companies

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Selling excess stock to clearance companies

Self Global, Buyers of Abandoned Containers and clearance stock   Self global are buyers of abandoned containers which have always proved to be quite interesting for us especially when you have been dealing with unwanted and clearance stock for as long as we have. Channel 4 have been in contact with us recently to see if we would be willing to help provide them with an ongoing supply of random stock within containers for a TV show that they are trying to put together. This show seems to be a bit of a spin off from a similar show in the US but with their own twist. The show involves contestants bidding blind on a selection of abandoned containers on the docks, one by one the doors to the containers are opened and each contestant is allowed to make a bid on the stock contained within. After a round of bidding the winner is allowed to take the stock to a storage facility and then attempt to sell it on for a profit, or even a loss. They go about selling the stock by setting up various market stalls, boot sales and using online medias like eBay & Amazon to do so. If done right then a show in the UK could be quite entertaining and the contestant who makes the most money each week might get an offer from us for employment, only joking! Whether it’s a case of the contestant picking the right container or just a bit of luck we don’t know but it will certainly be interesting nonetheless. Self Global would like to see if we could play a part in the show and if assisting in this project could prove a mutually beneficial route to go down. It could certainly prove a good bit of publicity for us; they may even want some of our staff to take part as this all sounds pretty good. This got us thinking about the reality behind REAL blind bidding on abandoned containers and the abandoned stock contained within. On one occasion an opportunity arose to bid on an abandoned container in Liverpool that had been sat at the docks for over 4 years. It turned out the original owner had died some time ago and relatives had not attempted to claim the stock of which there was no inventory for, which was quite odd. After some digging around the Self Global team and the team realised that the container belonged to a close member to one of the original owners of the Rolls Royce family! Which got me thinking that maybe, just maybe there could be something of extreme value hidden away within this container and we quickly made our bid. To our surprise the bid was accepted and we were eager to see what we had bought, however the very night before Self Global was due to travel up to view the contents of the container it turned out miraculously that the relatives had now claimed the contents of the container and our bid was declined… seems to be that there definitely was something of value contained within and maybe a pre world war II Rolls Royce was inside who knows, we really should have followed it up. Most recently Self Global had been offered an...

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