End of Lines

 Selling end of lines? – We buy all end of line and redundant stock


We know just how frustrating end of line stock can be to any retailer or catalogue seller. End of line stock must be stored, protected and monitored just like any items in your store which adds to your monthly costs. If end of line stock is simply sat around in your warehouse or stock room and not making any money then let us buy your unwanted end of lines for a great price.

Self Global are looking to buy end of line stock and unwanted products from all industries we are specialist redundant stock buyers who can make you an offer on your unwanted end of line products.

We are a UK based business with contacts overseas with the capability to offer you a great price on your end of line stock and unwanted job lots. We will help you free up your working capital so that you can invest back into the following season’s products and get the ball rolling again. End of line stock sat around not making you any money can harm the operation of your business and Self Global are here to solve your stock issues.

Competition within the retail industries at the moment is fierce, with many retail companies struggling to keep afloat as a result of end of line stock clogging up distribution lines and slowing product turnover. Self Global are not interested in attempting to sell your end of line stock and further compete with your industry by undercutting you and flooding your local market we have enough contacts throughout the globe to find a solution for your end of line products elsewhere.

We have a faultless system in place that allows us to buy and collect your unwanted end of line products from anywhere in the world for a quick and easy solution to your unwanted stock issues.

When you’re ready to dispose of your end of lines merchandise call us at Self Gloabl to act as your redundant stock buyers with the reputation and expertise to provide the solution. With a single phone call you can get a valuation today. Don’t waste any more time worrying about end of line items and get the process started today before you lose any more money on that end of lines merchandise.

Mens Leather Shoes Clearance stock

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Surplus stock of Mens Leather Shoes available direct from UK Wholesaler Within this consignment you will find an array of shoes and boots, in all sizes. These shoes offer exceptional comfort, made of a fine choice of quality  leather with a high engineered design. The shoes and boots are made of  leather. RRP : £25-£60 Asking Price: £5.50/Per pair Call 0758 443 4783 email: interstock@europe.com Contact form: www.selfglobal.com/contact-us/...

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What to do with End of Line Stock?

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What to do with End of Line Stock?

Getting rid of end of line stock and unwanted stock   End of line stock can be a drain on a business taking up valuable space. Every retailer knows the issues that come with dealing with end of line stock. Including the worry that all businesses faces of not being able to clear their end of line merchandise in time for new season products. Which ultimately can seriously hinder product turnover and profits. Self Global are the UK’s leading end of line clearance company. Self Global act as professional buyers of end of line merchandise for your business should you need to rid yourself of unwanted out of season products. We are interested in all types of products and all quantity sizes and are able to arrange a quick valuation. Prompt payment and collection of your end of line stock freeing up warehouse space and increasing your product turnover in time for your new products to arrive. Many leading retailers use Self Global as the provider for their seasonal stock clearance solutions, who deal with all issues associated with stock clearance and resell. We understand how important your brand is to you and because of this we take all steps to protect your brands identity and undervalue your products when they come to being sold. Self Global offer fair and quick valuations on your stock. And will usually make you an offer on your end of line stock within 48 hours. Getting rid of end of line and unwanted stock shouldn’t have to be an issue for any business. Self Global are at hand to help. The benefits of using end of line clearance companies starts from the moment an offer is made on your stock, leaving you with the time free to focus on your next seasons products and new arrivals. Giving you the peace of mind that you are now unburdened by excess stock issues. Many businesses are left with no choice but to scrap, throw away or destroy unwanted end of line products. As usually there simply isn’t a way to sell them even with large sales, promotions and price drops. So why not sell your end of line merchandise to Self Global? Cover your losses and free up space and capital instead of loosing out on your unsold...

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