Clearance Stock

Does your business have redundant or clearance stock? Sometimes even holding a clearance sale isn’t enough to clear the shelves completely, this is where Self Global comes in. We buy all kinds of clearance stock taking all of the hassle out of setting up additional sales and offering further promotions that ultimately could affect your bottom line.

Surplus Stock

Are you looking to sell your surplus stock? Surplus stock causes increased storage costs for products that aren’t making any money and affecting the profitability of your business. Self Global are buyers of surplus and unwanted stock from both within the UK and abroad providing a quick and easy solution to any issues caused by unwanted or surplus stock.

End of Lines

We know just how frustrating end of line stock can be to any business. End of line stock must be stored, protected and monitored just like any items in your store which adds to your monthly costs. If your end of line stock is simply sat around in your warehouse not making any money then let us buy your unwanted end of lines for a great price.

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Insolvency Practitioners
Are you looking to dispose of bankrupt stock fast? Self Global are the UKs first choice in liquidation services for your business offering a professional valuation and collection of your clearance stock.

Electronic Retailers
Many clearance companies in the UK aren’t interested in certain lines of clearance stock such as surplus electronics. Whatever you may have, Self Global wants it!

Catalogue Retailers
Catalogue retailers looking to sell their surplus, designer surplus, name brand or generic merchandise should look no further than Self Global for all of your stock clearance solutions.

Builders Merchants
Getting rid of outdated or unwanted machinery, equipment, tools and building materials? Trying to find a surplus stock buyer can be difficult especially one who is interested in large job lots of mis matching items, Self Global will make you an offer on your surplus stock.

Furniture Manufacturers
Furniture can be quite difficult to get rid of, even with reduced price sales, discounts and store offers. When you have excess furniture to shift to make room for new seasonal lines in your stock room then sometimes findind an excess furniture stock buyer is your only option, we are interested in all excess or clearance furniture.

Insurance Adjusters
Are you an insurance adjuster looking to dispose of unwanted or damaged merchandise? We are experts at dealing with all kinds of damaged or liquidated stock issues and look forward to your enquiry.

Clothing Manufacturers
Making room for next seasons clothing anges is at the forefront of any clothing retailers priorities. Holding onto old stock and outdated apparel can severely effect your bottom line and stop you from hitting the new season sales in full force. If you are looking to sell unwanted clothing or end of line clothing then Self Global are here to help.

Freight Forwarders
If you have unpaid storage and shipping fees and have been left with a container of stock, then contact us today. We can provide an all in one solutions for your salvaged stock problems and can deal with all imported and exported stock.

Self Global are market leaders when it comes to buying clearance, surplus, salvaged or liquidated stock and goods. We have both UK mainland and International contacts that can handle a large variety of enquiries from anywhere in the world! If you have unwanted stock and are worried about whether or not we will be able to facilitate your request of sale then worry no further.

Self Global has an international reach with gives us an advantage over our competitors, we can arrange for collection of your stock from anywhere in the world!

At Self Global we take priority in protecting the confidentiality in all matters involving your company’s identity and public image. We always take steps to protect the reputation of our customers and the industry in which they trade.


1. Reveal prices, offers or correspondence with companies with other traders

2. Contact competitors with information regarding companies stock issues

3. Inform press and media of any closures and liquidation requests

4. Sell to trade buyers which may saturate your market, we only sell to end users

5. Question the origin of the stock you are selling

Self Global hold a reputation for upholding client confidentiality and aim to keep our 100% satisfaction record intact.

One of our particular clothing lines didn’t sell as we had expected… If it wasn’t for Self Global then we would have never been able to clear out the warehouse in time for delivery of our new season. Self Global offered me a great price and even arranged collection of our excess stock within the week.


Clothing Retailer